A Shared Value Exchange

A Shared Value Exchange

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Our marketplace matches impact-verified products and their journeys, representing people, purpose and planet, to conscious individuals throughout the world. Our team is dedicated to climate action by working to achieve carbon neutrality, green power solutions, sustainable development and climate action through regenerative agriculture.
SHEFA shares each producer’s ESG and impact data, and conducts impact assessments of every company that joins in order to present their offerings to our community.
We strive to nurture an inclusive community and corporate culture while creating and facilitating economic opportunities for women, rural residents and regenerative farmers.
Initiatives led by our partners, including technological platforms and rural innovation centers, are built to serve smallholder farmers, rural artisans, indigenous communities, organic and regenerative agricultural producers.
SHEFA ensures nature, technology, community and commerce merge sustainably and responsibly for economic, social and environmental benefit.


We bring together a global community of verified members to explore the regenerative wellness space and transform the future for people, purpose, and profit.

Our Community and Commerce platform creates meaningful connections between all stakeholders, especially those developing the global regenerative economic ecosystem: investors, business leaders, employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

For each product listed as part of our Commerce initiative, you will be able to find out more about the people who brought the product to us, and the impact the company has on people and planet by how it is governed, led, and grown. We’re merging the business and production elements of wellness product development, and connecting stakeholders to each other.

Each product shared with the SHEFA community products represents specific values and initiatives across the agricultural, technological and retail landscapes that reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals, solve economic challenges and respect natural processes.

Our Community brings together producers and buyers for collaboration towards Tikkun Olam: healing our world.

Our Commerce directory showcases industry leaders, their products, benefit reports, impact data, and ESG milestones.

The exchange of Currency on the platform includes regenerative blockchain exchanges.

SHEFA connects local communities throughout the world with one another both online and through a network of rural innovation centers.

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